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## Editor Zero

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K. So I can't work on Lazteroids 2 on my crappy computer, so I decided to start on something new, aside from my little talker thing. It's a little editor that I'm calling "Editor Zero." It really serves no purpose, other than to see if I can do it.

Right now all you can do is place nodes. Can't connect them yet, or do anything else. Just draw nodes over and over. Soon (hopefully today) I will have it so the starting node can be connected with the ending node to create a polygon. I know, it's not much, but it's something to hold me over until I can get a new video card so I can continue working on Lazteroids 2 (*cough*playing games*cough*).


Click to biggify

Here's the executable if you really want it, though, i'm sure you don't as it's rather quite useless. Spacebar places nodes, backspace deletes the last node, and escape erased all nodes.
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