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Finally, some income! It's tough making money as a student, but the pace is starting to pick up. I'll be designing an Improv troupe's website in the next few days for some decent cash, and I'll post the results here once I'm finished. I also have some designs going for my friend's sound studio business.

I'm also being paid around $1,000 to help move everything in someone's house..to another house 4 states away. I'm not driving, and apparently they'll be saving $3,000 or so by having me do it. I really can't complain - at this point, I'd break my neck for that much money.

In the meantime, every day I'm clocking in hours trying to edit our student short Paper Or Plastic. I can't take the footage out of the workshop so I'm forced to edit on their systems, which is really inconvenient for me (us). That, coupled with the constant need to be out photographing things for class means I'm one busy Salsa.
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