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New project time (and other things)

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Well, I've decided it's to be a lame two player racing sim, in SDL. I've already got a reusable framework in place, just a few function calls. I'm still struggling with calculating the frame-rate and regulating it as well, but I'm sure if I fiddle with it it'll all fit together finestyle.

I'll come up with a system of customisable tracks in some way or another, and there will hopefully be full collision detection. It also seems cool to have some kind of physics system for the collisions, as well as acceleration/deceleration, I'll have a look into it. I might even push the boat out and try to get some decent graphics for a change.

Of course, there's the obvious problem for me: not being bothered to get it anywhere near completion. Like most of my projects, it'll probably encounter one of VC++ 2005's horribly pedantic compiler errors, nail itself, and end up getting abandoned.

I'll keep you updated on any progress there is (probably none, but we'll see).

To answer evelyn's question about my avatar, that is in fact Heartbeat's Sgt. Miller, as played by John Duttine. Avatars are a very personal thing, after all, no matter how bizarre the choice!

As Uni goes, I think I'm slowly emerging from my shell. I think I've blown it as far as meeting people in my own halls goes (it's not a sociable place anyway, the others are far friendlier), but I'm meeting great people from other halls. It would be nice to have some friends for a change.

I'm shattered, so bedtime for me. Goodnight. [smile]
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There's always some people around to make friends with at uni, just talk to people and be nice and you'll do fine.

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Yeah, you're absolutely right. It's just I'm not a social animal by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm slowly getting there I think.

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