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Now I remember why I hate driving in town

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Evil Steve


Driving in town (Queen Street) on a Saturday evening is "interesting". I got sideswiped twice. The first time, there were 3 lanes; left/straight, straight, right. I was in the middle lane, and some guy in the inside (left) decided he wanted to be there too, so he pulled out without checking his blind spot, and missed me by about 3 inches.
The second time was on the way back from town, on Queen Street again. 3 lanes once more, the same setup. I was in the outside (right) lane, and someone decided to pull out again without checking his blind spot, bounced off my car, then saw he'd hit me and zoomed away. Bastard.
Amazingly there's no damage to the car, I think only our wingmirrors hit, there was some sort of thud/bang anyway.
And I get to do it all over again soon, I have to pick my friend up after dropping her off. *scream*.

In other news, I did a bit of work to my sound manager. You can now compile with NO_RESOURCE_MANAGER, and it'll drop all references to the resource manager, allowing you to load sounds from memory (const BYTE*, and length) or from disk. That way I can just drop the two files into a new project, and I have perfectly functioning OGG sound.
I also added some buffer recycling, nothing too difficult or interesting.
I want to add some better support for static sounds, and then I'll post the code in here for anyone to use as they see fit.

Right, time for me to go recover...
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Queen Street is crud. By day, you get the tourists doing 20mph in the wrong lane, and the wideboy office workers doing 40+ in their BMWs, and by night you get less desirable people.

I know, I've driven it a fair bit too.

What type of car you got?

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