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Multiplayer pong

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A simple enough concept. n players each have a bat on the side of a regular polygon with n sides (Except where there are less than 4 players, where it could get tricky)

The aim is to make a very simple network-playable realtime game, which tries out lots of techniques.

I've never really made a multiplayer network game before* - although I've done plenty of multiplayer games and network applications, so it should be easy enough.

Should be cool.


* In about 1992 I made a RTS game ("War on Zog") which played in DOS (text-mode) over a null modem cable. Does that count? It wasn't really very good. You could only move one unit at a time, and could cast various "spells" which did things like creating holes in walls. The world was huge and the main challenge was finding the other player's base.
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