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I just got in the next set of vehicles, bringing the total over 16 unique vehicles, over 30 if you count color variations. I'm very happy with the way they're looking I should have them into the game in a day or two.

Check 'em out:

I'm very happy with the way they look. I'm gonna get a screenshot of all the vehicles lined up in a parking garage or something...that would be sweeet.

I also setup a new forum on my website (my old one died)...using phpBB 2.0 I really like how it looks. I created my own little color scheme, based off subBlack which is a variation of the standard subSilver template:

Check it out

I still can't seem to get the avatars working...oh well I already wasted enough time setting that forum up. I'm happy with the way it looks though...it's a shame that I lost all 88 (!!!) members that had registered on my old forums over the last 4 years. I don't know why that bothers me lol, not like anyone ever really posts there.

Game related stuff...I'm in the process of adding drive-by shootings, parking structures, explosions, and a new particle system into the game. Fun stuff :-D

At some point in time I need to go through and add damage modeling to all those vehicles I have in the game. I'm dreading that. I have a seperate damage model for each vehicle...the trick will be finding a good way to blend between the two. At first it seems simple, but the way the door/trunk/wheel/physics system is designed it will require some re-working to support blending of certain parts of the model with another model. I've got a few ideas though, we'll see.

- Dan
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Pssh. I would take the Tecnec over your Hammer anyday....especially if it were the RS ... err.... SR version.

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Quickly glancing at the SBX Turbo, it looked like SEX Turbo [lol]. The vehicles look great! Any plans for motorcycles and other oddities, such as fork lifts, trash trushs, etc..

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I plan on adding bikes into the game, I have the models, and the animations for it...so it's just a matter of adding it in.

I'm using Newton for the physics, and to my knowledge nobody has implemented a bike yet using Newton...I'm sure I could fudge it somehow by just moving the tires close together...we'll see.

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