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- S + E + V + E + N -

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:::::::::::************** IN PROGRESS ****************:::::::::::

Well, after a few trial and errors, I finally began on my first official project that will basically continue until I have implemented as many features as console programming will allow me. I have currently got a pretty lengthy wish list along with a pretty good idea for the storyline that is not too _IN_DEPTH_ yet, but by the time I am finished, it will be.

I am aiming for more of an adventure game with RPG elements involved within. In later weeks, if not a couple of months (depending on how school treats me) I will explain to you all exactly what SEVEN means and what you can expect to see from the project. I could show off screenshots, but then again, its just text. No no, I will show something off... Sometime.

Even though this is a just a text game, I am taking this as my pedestal for 2 dimensional programming. After this project is complete, I will convert the game idea into 2D (unless I find another story/team that I wish to pursue), and from there, I will convert the idea into a final piece of 3D programming art.

Well. Take care and I hope to at -least- update the community with progress every week.

Have a great week.
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