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Blocky Man!

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Yesterday I got started on my new project. The project is basically a mario clone using my own characters. The game will be called Blocky Man.

I have a current screenshot of the game:

So far, I have gotten the tilemap and basic scrolling working. the tilemap is stored in a text file and loaded into the program as a 2 dimensional array.

Scrolling was the tricky part. I had to find a way to correctly scroll the screen. To be honest, any time I had used scrolling in the past had been using the map editor mappy, so I didn't know how to draw a scrolling tilemap at first.

EDIT: Just for the record, I've already fixed the game so it uses the tiles to render rather than a giant bitmap.
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So you're going to draw an entire level out to offscreen memory, and then only copy over the visible portion? This defeats the entire purpose of tiling. You might as well load an enormous image into memory, and copy from that. (Don't do it! Yuck!)

If scrolling has you stumped, you should stop coding, and get back to basics. Check the articles section for a large number of good references on tile based game development.

Edit: I'm sorry if that seems overly critical. It just strikes me as a very, very bad idea.

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Here you go [smile]:

Smooth Scrolling

I've been considering writing an article for GDNet discussing how to design and implement a flexible, extensible tile engine with animated tiles, variable number of layers, parallax scrolling, etc.

Meh, I might get around to it. [smile]

Though, your method doesn't necessarily defeat the purpose of tiles. Do you interpret "tilemap" as a method for increasing performance (or decreasing memory usage), or do you interpret as a method of flexibly designing various different maps?

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The reason I used scrolling was not for graphics, but for structuring the level, and having an easy way to store the map data. I wasn't planning on keeping it as a permenant solution, but It works fine right now as the maps aren't very big.

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This is just me nitpicking, but you should add another layer of bricks to your brick image, heh. So that the bottom tiles with the top of the one under it correctly :p

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If you need programmer art in the meantime, you can take the tiles from Muffins or CSRPG2 and use them. I have a few brick tiles that might look nice in your game.

If you want to still use them for your final game, we can talk later or something.

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