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## Warning: May cause random blindness

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Okay a few things. Still nothing done on Lazteroids. I'm trying to read up on perlin noise so I can proceedurally create stars and some crummy looking nebulas, similar to -->

Click to biggify

(That was the title screen for my original lazteroids game). I can't figure out this perlin noise crap for the life of me. I've read numerous articles numerous times and am still kind of confused. I'm not a very good book learner

(https://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article2085.asp <-- just found this one, haven't read it yet.)

Also done no work on Editor Zero. Next step is to put everything in a dialog window so I can put some controls for editing the nodes (vertices) of each polygon. Also got to make sure I order them properly so they are winding counter-clockwise, then comes the awful task of figuring out how to triangulate the polys.

I know what my next game will be, which will actually utilize Editor Zero. I don't want to divulge any info, but from the few people i've told, they've liked it and said it could be cool. I hope so... but, must finish one game before starting on another.
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OOooh nice title screen. The text is especially nice. I wish you luck with your exploits into Perlin noise.

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