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Faulty lighting and a website.

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I've only got a couple of quick bits to talk about today.

I plugged the Perlin noise into the start of my terrain program and got some nice lumpy landscape. However, the lighting doesn't look correct. So I made a visual render of the vertex normals - which clearly aren't correct as you can see in the picture. I went backwards and forwards trying to decide if it was the vertex normal I was calculating incorrectly, or a bug in the code I'd used to visualise them, till my head hurt. Logically it can only be the former as the lighting looks incorrect. So in the cold light of day I am going to work through it a step at a time to get it right, rather than the previous method of rushing to the end and hoping it will work.

My second quick bit is my website, which I've just about finished. Ultimately I'll be sending it to prospective employers to try and gain a games programming position. If you've been reading my journal you will have seen the projects already, so I'd appreciate your thoughts on the site too. Criticism of the constructive variety preferred. Thanks.
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