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Terrain texturing (continued)

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So i've finally implemented the texture manager and the cache. I've also added a simple quadtree that refines the textures based on the distance to the terrain patches. It's working pretty well.

I'm a bit disapointed by the terrain textures though. It looks pretty good in the screenshots, but quite repetitive when you see the whole world with similar texturing. I have to add some variety.

The terrain patches that are far away, especially when you descend at ground level, become "aliased". Adding mipmapping didn't help. It's not a big deal since in the final code they'll most likely be hidden by atmosphere haze, but still, i'd like to improve a bit their look.

Getting nice coastlines is not easy. If i reduce the amplitude of noise to get realistic coastlines, i get a lower quality in the landscape, like in the grass or rock areas. If i increase the noise, coastlines start to become a mess of noisy fractals. To fix that, i'll have to add a per-pixel parameter which determines how noisy the area is.

I can't seem to get good lighting at all scales. If i tweak the parameters to have some nice shading at ground level, the terrain as seen from a few kilometers away becomes noisy, and vice-versa. I think one of the solutions is to drop the lower octaves depending on the camera distance, but implementing that in a pixel shader 2.0.. hum.

Then there is the detail textures, the blending to hide the popping between different texture levels, and a lot of small details like that..
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Maybe your noise value should be calculated by a function of the terrain height. AFAIK real landscapes are "noiser" in mountain areas than at the coast.

Great project. Keep up the good work! By the way do you plan to release the code? I'm very interested about your planet/cloud/atmosphere generation.


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AP: yes, i plan to do something like that. I plan to release the code in the future, but only when everything will be well designed, cleaed up, and ready for a public release.

dsecrieru: i'm using standard summed-up noise now (a serie of multiply-and-add on some noise values at different frequencies). But indeed i could try a real multifractal function... i'll have to think about it when i have enough time :)

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