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Right then

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I'm off to Heathrow for my flight to Seattle. I'm not taking a laptop, so my internet access will be limited.

When I fly back on the Sunday, I'll arrive at Heathrow mid-Monday and go immediately up to Oxford to join Fresher's week (missing the first evening/morning). I'll be jetlagged, which is a good thing because it means I will get drunk faster and thus spend less money. My computer will be waiting for me in my room thanks to my parents, but I don't know how long it will take to get online with it. Hopefully not long.

I'd tell you all about Seattle when I get back but I suspect that the most interesting parts will be under NDA [wink]

I've also been instructed to bring back "guns, drugs, and a transvestite" from the States. I'll see what I can do...
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The national famous beers are pissweak...

...but the local microbrews aren't [grin] - collectively, the MVPs from GD.NET who were there* must have had at least a few gallons of them all (Old Seattle, Pyramid, and Alaskan Amber being my personal favourites).

[* disclaimer: the ones over 21 and drinking, [wink]]

And jetlag with a hangover and a cold is "interesting", bah!

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