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I've been busy. My wife and I had our 4th anniversary on the 15th and it's been a blur ever since. Love you Christi!

A new name for my game...

Mirror World. It's got a story line too but I'll tell that some other time when I get closer to releasing the pre-alpha demo. I'm definitely planning on getting feedback from GameDev.net all along the way. And I know that Morning's Wrath shares the same initials but it really works for the Mirror World logo - W is a mirror of M. Oh well.

Here is a concept image which gives a general idea of what I want the game to feel like. I pasted the characters over a 3D forest scene I found on the net. The children will be main characters in the game. They look like my friend's kids Jesse and Michael. So that's probably what I'll name them. [smile]

The Max camera system...

I've learned a lot about MaxScript with this project. It's gotten so big that I've had to make a Visual Studio project to manage the files. If anyone knows an IDE that supports .ms scripts and syntax highlighting I would appreciate the 411. Also I've been trying to figure out how to stop the deletion of a scene object by interrupting the deletion with a pre-delete callback function. I started a thread about it but no feedback yet.

The camera rollout lets me create and edit max target cams with box triggers and export the system to XML. Here is what a system looks like in max with 3 cameras. You can see the rollout on the right.

I forgot to mention that I wrote a simple chapter 1 intro to SSE which you can find on my site.
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Hey!!!, Happy belated 4th Wedding Anniversary!!...good news...they come around faster each year! :)

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Thanks Evelyn! Faster!!?? I guess that's good and bad. [wink]

Thanks Rob. Miss reading your journal. [smile]

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