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A new beginning

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First real day of lectures today (enrolment was yesterday). I have to say, from what I've seen so far, that the first year Computer Science course doesn't look particularly challenging. I'm also doing a pretty basic maths module, as well as an economics module in my first semester - they look a good bit harder. We'll see how things go.

I've hardly done any coding in ages, but I'm about to be taught Java, pretty much from start to finish. In my C++ scope of things, I'm working on a drag-and-drop selection of source files (basically an engine), reusable in any gaming project. It'll be written in SDL, and fully OO where possible (I struggled to get SDL_Mixer working within a class - it's pretty picky). I'll then release that, saving y'all some time instead of reinventing the wheel and re-writing code for every project you do.

It's going to include support for doing many things to an image based object, such as rotation, fading etc. There will also be an audio manager, so you could call something like

ukAudio GunShot; //Create GunShot instance of class

GunShot.PlaySnd(); //Plays the GunShot sound

Similar story for the graphics, you could have

ukGameObject Tank;

Tank.Rotate(0); //0 means anti-clockwise

That sort of thing. Of course, you'd have to alter bits of it yourself to make it into a game of your own, but the donkey work's going to be basically done. Magic.
Would any of you be interested in seeing/trying it if, and when, I finish it?

I'm about to pop out for the evening, even though I'm feeling pretty tired.

Point of random interest:

I've been using a scaled down version of that as my MSN display picture for a while now. People thought it was funny. Still want an iPod, even though Daleks use them?

Anyway, catch you later.

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