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Yet more filter effects

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One last bloom screenshot before I move onto something else. This is a star filter which uses four passes, one for each streak each with eight samples (the previous blurs used the same 8-sample shader, but only actually used 7 samples as otherwise the blur would be off center).

The nice thing about this is that it's now all data driven. You can set up a filter with a custom blur kernel and weights which allows for easy tweaking (in particular the weight strengths need to be balanced when the resolution of the effect is changed). Here's the xml for a simple glow filter (like in the previous image, but with a smaller 7x7 kernel):


scaleFactor="1.6" >

name="HorizontalOffsets7" >

name="VerticalOffsets7" >

These will be referenced in my level's XML description so you can tweek them on a per-level basis. And it means I can now define different filters in data for different quality settings rather than having it all hard coded. [grin]
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