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God dammit.

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I just ran out of bandwidth for my site because of the 4GB of traffic my blog had from referer spammers. I will find you and I will tear your fucking nuts off, you sacks of shit.
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Any way you can report them?

In any case, post the address here (with a warning that it's porn, if it is) and we can rape them. Actually, I'm not sure if you're allowed to link to porn or anything at all. Oh well.

In other news: You currently have a rating of 1 more than me. You utter swine [smile]

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They ignore robots.txt, so do "commercial" search engines like baiduspider (responsible for sucking up the other 1GB of my bandwidth by recursively attacking my download script).

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Tried that too. I also had a special .htaccess written to take out particular referer addresses (for example, *viagra*) but that didn't work as apparently these pinheads have infinite resources and domains to dedicate to my blog.

My rule set for blocking referer spam was over 250 lines long by the end of this crap, and it wasn't blocking 99% of the crap that was coming through day by day. The easiest way was just to get rid of the weblog that they were trying to get on the imaginary "Last Referers" bar (I had deleted it months prior).

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