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I've started porting over my code from JavaTactics that pertains to actor animation. Here is what I came up with:
import 	java.util.ArrayList;

public class ChronoMorph {

ArrayList a;
int b,c;
boolean d;
int e,f;

public ChronoMorph(int[] aa, int[] bb) {//Graphics, Wait
a = new ArrayList();
for(int i = 0; i a.add(i,new g(aa,bb));
b = c = 0;
d = false;

public boolean u(int aa) {//Update
d = false;
e = (aa + c);
f = m();
if (e > f) {
c = 0;
if(b >= a.size())
b = 0;
u(e - f);
d = true;
} else {
c += aa;
return d;

public int g() {return ((g)a.get(b)).g;}//Get Graphical ID

public int m() {return ((g)a.get(b)).m;}//Get ms wait

class g {int g,m;public g(int gid, int ms) {g=gid;m=ms;}}

Oh, and here are some of the character images that I have found...
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Yeah, I found an entire sprite sheet of him in isometric view... has all sorts of poses. The main ones that I will use will be the standing, walking, and jumping. I really needed the jumping pics because without them the characters look funny going from different height in the map...

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I like how you've optimized your code - I was going to comment on how obfuscated it was, then I remembered function names are compiled verbatim in java [lol]

From a C++ point of view though - yuck!

Oh, and I <3 your sprites!!!

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Oh god, your code burns my eyes. Now, if what the previous poster said was true, then I respect what you are doing -- but can't you do that at the end, after the code is written? Like, write it legibally, then write a program to parse your code and replace variable names? I mean....Ow.

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Hehehe... Thought that I would get some good reactions out of that one. Here was the source before optimizations:

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class ChronoMorph {//IT WORKS!!!!

ArrayList List;
int CurrentFrame;
int TotalTimeWithinFrame;
boolean UpdateScreenVariable;

int TotalTimeElapsed;//UPDATE VARIABLES
int FramesTotalWait;

public ChronoMorph(int[] Graphical_ids, int[] TimeToWait) {
List = new ArrayList();
for(int i = 0; i<Graphical_ids.length; i++) {
List.add(i,new Frame(Graphical_ids[i],TimeToWait[i]));

public boolean update(int ms) {
TotalTimeElapsed = (ms + TotalTimeWithinFrame);
FramesTotalWait = getMsw();
if (TotalTimeElapsed > FramesTotalWait) {
this.TotalTimeWithinFrame = 0;
update(TotalTimeElapsed - FramesTotalWait);
UpdateScreenVariable = true;
} else {
this.TotalTimeWithinFrame += ms;
return UpdateScreenVariable;

public int getGid() {
return ((Frame)List.get(CurrentFrame)).g;

public int getMsw() {
return ((Frame)List.get(CurrentFrame)).m;

class Frame {
int g,m;
public Frame(int gid, int ms) {g=gid;m=ms;}

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