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Wisdom teeth out

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Will F


I had my other 3 wisdom teeth taken out today - all I can say is that it's not very much fun. I also haven't eaten anything for about 24 hours, so I need to do something about that pretty soon. I've also discovered the extent of my caffeine addiction - I had a horrible headache that a pill with caffeine quickly alleviated. I really need to ween myself off of coffee (at least I don't drink sodas anymore).

In dev news, my "engine" is slowly coming along. I've got code to create an opengl context, a input handler, a texture manager, and some really basic model loading code. Still tons of work to do, and hopefully i'll have something far enough along in the next few weeks that i'd feel comfortable showing some screenshots for.

Anyways, gotta go - the season premiere for the Amazing Race is coming on soon. I rarely watch tv anymore, but I have a soft spot in my heart for that show (that and Battlestar Galactica, which is the only other show I regularly watch).
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