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Terrain texturing (continued)

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So, i've discovered a major bug in my texturing code. I'm not scaling the normals amplitude with the terrain patch's size. I think this is the cause of the mismatching look between low-altitude slopes and high-altitude slopes. More on that later, hopefully i'll fix it soon.

Am i posting screenshots too often and boring you to death ? Or should i continue at the same rate ?
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Same rate please! It's really interesting stuff and a great distraction from work! ;-)

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Christ, please continue - as many screenies as you can possibly manage.

I wanted to produce something like this myself but got stuck on the "atmosphere" part. I gave up after reaslising I didn't have enough brain cells to work it all out. Now I'm quite happy to sit in my 9 - 5 and watch other people do the work.

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