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Okay, the videos are in!

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Last week, the gym was a madhouse, and I had neglected to bring my camera. This week I did, and of course nothing crazy went on last night. Of course.

Still, I took some videos of me playing some more Add A Trick, and I had my buddy Sash do that tramp trick with me again so I could capture that. So here we go...

Okay, this is an add a trick game that was pretty rough. One of my friends had just started throwing his front 1 and 3/4 and double porpoise so we were doing a lot of games with those tricks in them. Allow me to commentate. In this clip, I started with a front flip with an extra 3/4 rotation to my back. Next I did a double porpoise, which is two rotations off my back and landing on my back again. Then I did a single porpoise. Now - after that I was supposed to do another double porpoise... but something went wrong :P I rotate so fast on my double that I over-rotated my single. So when I sat up for my next double, I had no rotation. But I just pulled reeeeelly hard and managed to make it to my back. Yes, it looks like I landed on my head, but I did in fact clear it (just barely). That's my buddy Sasha leaping into the air in terror. I do this all the time [grin][evil]

Add a trick part 1 (via MySpace Video)

So another round went by and two tricks were added by my friends: a cradle (from back, sit up and turn to back) and another double porpoise. Yea that last one was Sash. He's evil. So this was my best attempt:

Add a trick part 2 (via MySpace Video)

As you can see I made the double porpoise better this time and kicked to the cradle, but when I tried to double out of that it sent me off the tramp. Doh!! My other two tries didn't pan out either.

Moving on. I tried doing the full-twisting front flip 1 and 3/4 that I did last week but didn't commit again and landed on my side all mangled. Just wasn't enough people around forcing me to throw big. So I tossed a few fliffuses instead, which are double front flips with a half twist:

Fliffus (via MySpace Video)

And finally the highlight of the evening, that 180 spin thing I told you about last week. Now, I dunno where the hell Sash thought he was going, but he went up, when you're supposed to be going horizontal. I had to grab him with like both arms to bring him back down on the tramp :P Now you'll see why you have to really trust the person you're doing it with - if we didn't catch arms he would gone into a pillar and I would have face planted on the floor. But we didn't and it looked awesome so enjoy [smile]

180 Flat Spin (via MySpace Video)

Okay that's all for me right now. I get my motorcycle back tomorrow and I'm going to be doing Fright Fest at the park starting this weekend, so if you're in Jersey (or the tri-state area even) come on out for the biggest halloween party ever!
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