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Yeah, I've never been good at keeping a blog updated regularly.

Anyway I have a new plan. The new plan is to quit my job and attempt to start a business selling games on the web. Anyone out there have any experience doing this?

I have pretty much all the logistics figured out. The games will be small and casual-oriented, and I'll aim to get a new game out there once every 3 months. Distribution is totally not a problem, there are a bazillion portals & etc sites that spew out new games all the time. And I can always make my own site and host them.

The platform I'm going to use is Java with Java Web Start. Web Start is such a terrific and underappreciated tool. It allows super-quick installation and checks for updated files every time you run it. It's basically a poor-man's Steam.

So I'll need to get the people to download the latest Java JRE, but I don't think this will be hard.
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