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Signed the lease today!

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Well, I just got back from signing the lease on a studio apartment! For a long time I just figured I'd have to live with random roommates, but after looking at a studio just for the fun of it, and then looking at the numbers, turns out I can afford one! Now, granted it's a studio apartment, which means it's very small, but it's all mine! :) It's not the exact one I wanted, but it's in the same building (which is a great location, right by old-town (where all the things to do (drink) are), AND it's close enough that I can walk/ride my bike to school now, weather permitting (even though I usually have to park so far away I might as well walk anyway).

It's a pretty cool place, I'll post pictures when I get to move in (oct 7th). It has a closet that is big enough I can actually put a bed in there, so it's very nearly a 1 bedroom apartment. I don't really have any furniture, so I think it will actually look pretty empty for a while, until I get a couch and tv and stuff. But that can wait, I'm officially a poor college student now, but it's totally gonna be worth it :).
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Congrats! I recently partook (sp?) in the same type of situation.

I got a studio about a mile away from work and school, which I can afford with my part time job (12 dollars an hour, 20 hours per week progamming).. and I love it. No pesky roommates, parents, siblings, or otherwise annoying sentient beings. No ghosts yet either :P.

Anyways, congrats on the apartment, don't get raped by hidden costs, and drink lots.

Good luck!

- Brandon

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