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Whee, String Theory

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Evil Steve


I made a config file loader. Well, I converted some old code, so it uses a callback to read a line. That way I can easily read data from resources. I just have this code:

// Function to load a config file from a binary resource //
bool LoadConfigFromResource(CConfigFile& rConfig, const std::string& strName)
CBinaryResource* pResource;

// Load the resource //
pResource = (CBinaryResource*)CResourceManager::Get().GetResource(strName.c_str(),CResource::Binary);
return false;

// Load the config //
return false;

// Cleanup and return //
return true;

// Function to read a line from a resource. CConfigFile::Load() callback //
bool ReadLineFromResource(std::string& rLine, void* pContext)
CBinaryResource* pResource = (CBinaryResource*)pContext;
char ch;

rLine = "";

// First, Eat '\r' & '\n' //
do {
if(!pResource->ReadByte((BYTE&)ch)) return false;
} while((ch == '\r') || (ch == '\n'));

// Read up to next '\r' or '\n' //
do {
rLine += ch;
if(!pResource->ReadByte((BYTE&)ch)) return (rLine.length() != 0);
} while((ch != '\r') && (ch != '\n'));
return true;

And I also edited my CBinaryResource class slightly, to include a position member. That lets you read from it in a more sane way, using fread()like functions.
I also started a bit of work on my animation classes. At the moment, I have CAnimation, which holds a series of frames and delays which make up one animation (e.g. a walk loop or an idle loop), and a CAnimationSet class which holds all of a characters animations (a walk animation, idle animation, etc etc).
I currently load an animation from a config file, the sample one I'm using is this:

# General character information
Width = 64
Height = 128

# Animations this character can do
# Format:
# AnimationName = FrameName:Delay, FrameName:Delay, ...
Walk = Walk00.bmp:100, Walk01.bmp:100, Walk02.bmp:100, Walk03.bmp:100, Walk04.bmp:100, Walk05.bmp:100
Idle = Idle00.bmp:1000

I'm loading each individual texture into each frame of the animation, and once I've loaded all of the animations, I'll composite them onto as few textures as possible (ideally 1 texture), and use texture coordinates to address each frame.
That won't be done for a while though, since I'll need to add clothing on top of the body to save on rendering stuff over and over.

In other news, I found 24 videos about string theory, which someone linked to somewhere in the lounge I think. So anyway, there's sod all on TV tonight, so I'll be watching those videos shortly.
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