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Actor Movement!

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Actors can move now!!

ActorTracker.addActor(new GenericActor("001_s", "Cloud",0,0,1));
ActorTracker.moveActor("Cloud", ActorTracker.EAST, 2);

This is all instantaneos movement, but the more fluid movement is just another step beyond this. Currently the Actor is rendered based on his tile coordinates, but when you ad fluid actor movement there needs to be a boolean that tells the engine to render by pixel values that are offset from the tile coordinate.

Actor movement really got me thinking more about the message system as well... There should be two ways to process commands, one is the instantaneos one (play the music now) and then the other would be a delayed one (play the music in 10,000ms, or play when boolean b is true). This makes it so that I can say display the textbox after he moves down the screen...

So there will be an ArrayList full of commands waiting to be processed at time X, an ArrayList full of commands waiting to be processed when boolean b is true, and then just direct command processing.

While this might all sound really boring, it does bring up a lot of functionality that will be needed in the creation of actual battle maps and the actual battle system.

Oh! And I also added a function to my GraphicsCache class where if you try and load an image from a file, and for some reason it is unable to, it will load a red square instead of crashing.
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Ah red squares - that's such a good idea! Why didn't I think of putting that in! :D Something to add this weekend.

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