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Yayy 4 me

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I have resolved to quit posting a far less visible prescence in the lounge. People take themselves too seriously there! Silly Rabbits, the trix are for me. I shall see how well I do in keeping that resolve.

If it is the 28th and you are reading this then today is my birthday! I am now 20 for real. Muhaha, I am slowly but surely catching on you, Evelyn.


Introduction: Proper Physical Intuition, Physics as the Study of Motion

Proper Physical Intuition

--Beauty elegance, simplicity, brevity as guiding principles in any Theory of Nature

--Mental Flexibity and Realization of bias of Human Condition

All things in Universe as Explained/related from Motion
--Simple Motion with some mention on complex
--Basics of Energy vs Momentum as originating from motion

Time vs Space
--Position, Velocity and Acceleration

Sytems and States
--Basic Conservation
--Basics of Closed vs Open Systems

Spaces and Sets (extremely basic)
Basics of graphs of motion

An interesting Snippet: An example of Conservation:

It has been measured that the distance between the earth and the moon has been increasing by checking the times taken by lasers to bounce off the mirrors left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts. Why would the moon be moving away from the earth? Amusingly enough as I will explain later, it is becuase the moon is falling towards the earth! For now, it is best to think of it as a result of tidal effects as the moon orbits the earth. As the moon orbits the earth, due to gravitational effects, the earth and moon are stretched. This is due to the strength of gravity being inversely porportional to distance, the components closest to the earth will want to orbit faster and will pull at the farther parts but the farther parts are slower and will thus pull the faster components into a slower motion causing them to want to fall into the earth since they will not be posessed of enough energy to sustain their motion. The two will want to diverge till spring like forces halt the divergance. The effect stretches and pulls the earth as well as the moon and causes friction. These effects are also why the moon always points the same face to the earth. As friction generates thermal energy due to conservation concepts the earth's rotation lessens. Due to the conservation of angular momentum, the total angular momentum between the earth and moon must remain the same so the distance between the two increases (at a rate of ~ 4cm a year).

For this project I am going to make a simple one screen level ground 2D side scroller. On the right Will be a set of position time, velocity time and acceleration time graphs. Each time there is movement the velocity time will highlight the displacement on the velocity time graph. The data for the graphs will be stored in an array of Points.

I do not want straight jagged lines for the graph so I am thinking of approximating the curve using polynomials and will be making use of Neville's algorithim. You move by holding the right/left keys. There will be no friction. You character is a plane. In addition to the program and paper, I will also be documenting the project. I am guessing most of my time will be spent on the interpolation scheme.
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"Entrez dans mon temple de la connaissance sacree. Pardon mon francais faible s'il vous plait."
Ironically, the only mistake you made in the title(exepted the missing é in sacrée) is when you apologize for your weak english.

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