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Terrain texturing (continued)

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So, i've fixed the normals bug i mentionned in the previous entry. Just to have fun, i also added back the heightfield geometry, so that the terrain's no longer flat. Cracks and seams are present but i don't care since it's only the texturing prototype, not the terrain one. For the same reason, i'm rendering in OpenGL's immediate mode, so the framerate suffers, but since i know it's not due to the texturing process.. i'm not worried.

Above you can see a screenshot of a mountain side. I've got a couple more nice screenshots to show, but i decided to submit them in a new image of the day :)
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I remember playing the original Elite on the PC then went on to the Frontier sequels. I always thought they were amazing games in that so much depth and detail were crammed into such a small space ( I think they came on a couple of 3 1/2 inch floppy disks :) )

This said I now know Braben and Co. used procedurally generated data for the planetary systems and the planets themselves... It still amazes me that to this day no game has ever approached the ideal of being able to land on planets from outer space... I remember a game called FreeSpace that had nice graphics and such great potential, but the developers too shyed away from letting you land on the planets, rendering them as a nicely textured balls in space with a cut scene of you landing at a space port.

Anyways, thank you Flavien for inspiring me to program again, I wish you all the success possible.

Look forward to keeping up with the progress of Infinity, just goes to show it doesnt take a multi million pound budget to make brilliant, original and compelling games, it takes smarts and a passion to try and achieve the 'impossible'... Good luck.

P.S. I think I once managed to get Elite rating on my Dads PC version of Elite, but the damn power grid died didnt it !!!!

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