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*sigh* Why do I bother?

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In the OpenGL forum there are 3 stickies;

- One from Ben asking people to read the FAQ and do some googling/MSDN lookup work before asking questions
- One from me asking people to use the source tags when posting large amounts or source or get slapped on the wrists
- One from me giving infomation on OpenGL on Vista

Now, the last one in perticular is pretty clear as to the subject, contained there in, so when I woke up today to find this thread I sighed in dispair.

There are still a few people (both new and old) who post without the source tags and probably are surprised when they get a warning slapped on them for it and there are still a large number who dont read the FAQ it seems...

To be honest, all this has got me a bit down atm, I fail to see why I should bother to keep things like the FAQ updated and post stickies to try to spread infomation and make that little section of the forum a better place to live when people dont bother reading them... Its totally killed me will to help people for now, I think I'm just gonna play games today and do stuff which amuses me..
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I know what you mean, I don't 'bother' to help much around the forums anymore unless the topic is new to me and has some good points. The reason is that it's fairly depressing reciting the same information over and over and over and over. At one point I even had canned responses to the common questions I used to answer... To be honest, I think it'll always be like this - it seems a lot of people are too eager to be fed information rather than actually spend the time to research it themselves. Ultimatley most of these people will fail in their goals to become game developers but will blame you, me and everyone else for not helping them. I come from a time where there was no wide access to the internet and any programming I did was worked out exclusively by me. Sure, times were simpler then but I developed skills that will see me through, namely problem-solving and the ability to research the answers to these problems.

Instead why not take some time to write articles on some subjects that interest you and offer them out to people? I've been doing this and have found it a lot more rewarding. Likewise, if GameDev.net had a wiki system in place I would be likely to spend time filling out pages and writing mini-articles on that. There's a lot less of a signal to noise ratio that way, I think.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Yes wiki might do some good. And maybe the stickies must be made more visible, uppercase or is bold possible? If I am new to a forum *I* will definitely go though all the stickies, but if I am a regular, then after sometime I tend to skip the stickies, as they rarely change. So the new stickies might take a while to be noticed (for me).

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People aren't perfect. You should look at the bright side; at least your forum isn't the lounge! [tongue]

Keep the good work rolling for the people who DO appreciate and use it, but maybe not show their appreciation, yet.

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