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GDNet subscription unpaid?! What's going on here?! Seems something happened around the way at PayPal, and they discontinued my subscription. Thanks alot PayPals!

Had a rough patch over the last few weeks. A childhood friend of mine passed away, and the means by which this happened I'll leave at unnatural causes.

But work goes on in the 'Game Project Referred To In The Journal Of Schmedly'. The designs I have in mind are largely based around recreating certain classic arcade games, which lend themselves easily to a tile based structure, but how to handle that in 3D? How about a 3D tile engine? Given the fact the game designs incorporate forced perspectives, it seems natural to do it this way. It also makes culling extremely simple. Anyway, a shot of the world editor affectionaly known as Schmedit.

Currently limited to loading/saving and basic editing. The editor mostly needs work in the editing controls (note the hacky buttons) but I also need to figure out a more robust way to handle the tile connectivity. At this point it only supports branching nodes and will simply overlap when nodes are connected in a loop.

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I had that problem with PayPal. My debit card expired, so I had to provide a new one. PayPal decided that meant that I wanted to cancel my subsciption. Awesome.

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