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Horray for today

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About three months ago my mom passed away, she drowned in a lake. To make a long story short, they (the police) might not ever find her body. This has slown down my production of my game, not that it was really going very fast to begin with.

I do have enough books that I can get started. Its just that I have been dabbling in this and that without much focus, therefore I dont have much to show (which I link with a lack of motivation to work on it). I am now going to build each component until its done rather then skipping from subject to subject...

I am starting to make a particle system. I am going to base it off of these sources...

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What a sad first journal entry....really sorry to hear.

...on a brighter note, if I may, Welcome to Journal land..with traditional goodies +

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How? I am awed at how well you are taking it. If that happened to me I dont know what Id do. Oh. I, the shock must not have set in it. You still think, earea. I dont know what to say. But you just showed me that I take a certain person for granted...

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