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Platform sales.

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This was brought to my attention by RagingHermit via his journal.

Notice this little bit:
Platform breakdown
- Mac OS X: 53%
- Windows: 45%
- Linux: 2%

Obviously it makes sense for me to continue along my cross-platform haberdashery if I choose to start selling games (which I hope I will get to do very soon).

In addition, I found a keyboard that I am in love with. Here it is. If you can put up with it being a Dell keyboard and having membrane switches, the feedback is keyed just right for coding. We use them in the CS lab.
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We have some of those in the Linux labs at our university and I definately have to agree, in fact I was thinking the same thing (nice keyboard, even if it is Dell, yadda yadda...).

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If that is true, where the hell are the Mac OSX development articles on GDNet...

I think we should have more ;)

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If that is true, where the hell are the Mac OSX development articles on GDNet...

I think we should have more ;)

That is actually what Dave brought me onboard for, trying to reduce the DirectX/Windows Is Everything BS around here.

I'll try to write some more OS X articles and I'm trying to track down people who will do the same. It looks like it's going to be increasingly important with indies (Apple formerly had some deals where they packaged indie games in pre-installed on the hard drives of new Macs, it launched Pangaea Software to stardom; I don't know if they still do this or how to contact them to do the same).

As for the keyboard, it is Dell, but I am willing to swallow my pride and improve my performance. Their hardware has noticably improved since they started making the Optiplex 200 series; their workstations are rock solid and offer excellent Linux performance.

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