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Morning's Wrath price reduction

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To make it easier on the wallet for people to purchase Morning's Wrath

We have lowered the prices!

$19.95 for the download version
$29.95 for the boxed version

we hope this will allow more people to purchase MW, who are on a tight budget.

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Recommended Comments

So when are we going to know the number of units sold the first day? All of us indies want to know if the money is rolling in!

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We have sold


copies so far.

I was expecting a larger turn-out from the indie community, but it hasn't been out that long, so we will see =)

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How are you advertising? Any indie sites? Gaming sites like IGN or GameSpot? I'm planning on getting a copy soon and I don't want to see a quality product like this fail for lack of exposure :)

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Why adjust the price so quickly, I know if your going to drop the price you need to do it quick so that you don't have tons of people that are upset they paid too much, but the website had said that it would be out on October 1st. That date hasn't even past so you never know if someone is planning to return on that date or not.

Congratz on the sales BTW its great to hear that your making some returns on your project.

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Allow me to be honnest. I planned on purchasing the download version, but when i went on your website, i saw you were using a custom shopping cart system.

This left me thinking about how secure your system is. Can i trust it ?

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We adjusted prices to make it easier for people with less disposable income to get Morning's Wrath, and to be more on-target with the price-trends of indipendant games.


The cart isn't custom, it's X-Cart we have it wrapped in our site template. All credit card processing is not done in-house.

If you need more information let me know and I can get it for you =)

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