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Today is not my day

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First, I realized that my wireless router (which I don't really use, since I use a switch plus the dsl modem that has built in routing) got fucked up. It's power light is blinking, and I can't even connect to it via web. Oh well, time for a new router.

Then in game, two players are fighting for a character, and there is a story behind it not unlike the soap operas. Some guy sold his char for money but he was scammed, then the guys who scammed him sold it to some other guy who didn't log in for weeks, then the original owner begged me to give his char back, which I did, after someone confirmed me it was his, and now the previous owner wants it back, etc. Personally I think I should just not give it to anyone, since there was a lot of bullshit in the background. But I am a nice guy, and I don't like to do that.

Then, while trying to debug the server to find a problem with some shit, GDB started to bitch about not wanting to debug it. Actually, it complains about some messages I never seen before in my life, and it just doesn't work. Obviously, without a debugger I am so fucked up, so I guess I will have to buy a real debugger/IDE such as some VC stuff.

Everything is going along great...
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Cheer Up Radu!
You are doing great job with EL. Don't give up, there are not many people who have done what you have..
I am your fan number one! ;)

Keep it up!

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Sounds better than Dallas.

I know how to make the perfect MMORPG. Prevent players from logging. Only fill your world with bots.

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Cut the character in half. The real owner will cry because his hard earned leveling time will be (presumably) cut in half..

Or maybe not.

I guess biblical applications don't always work as well in the cyber-world >_<.

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Actually, I came up with the idea to cut it in half (attributes wise) but they both said no :)
I guess what I will do is make the old owner pay 500K gold (that's how much that character had when I gave it to him), and then remove like 5% of it's attributes and put them on the other character's attributes.

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yanco: Thanks :)
This weekend will be so fun.. Hunting down macroers and removing their experience. I will post more after this is done, because the info is secret for the time being.

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