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New Stuffffff

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I've got a couple of the new vehicles in the game. The Tecnec SR, and the Hammer SX.

Tommorow I'll have the rest of the cars into the game, hopefully I'll also have it so you can shoot your guns out the window, as well has have multiple gangsters in a single vehicle.

I'm also going to add parking garages into the game tommorow. Unfortunatly I didn't design the game engine to handle multiple level buildings...so you'll only be able to enter the ground level of the parking garage, I'll have the ramp to the upper levels blocked by something so you can't go up there.

Also I really think the sky is the weakest link right now, graphically...I'm going to add random animated billboarded clouds into the sky...which should really spice things up, more on that later.

Check it out:

I'm about to add water/bridges back into the game...here's what it looked like a few months ago...I'm going to give it a face lift, and add some cool looking bridges into the game.


- Dan
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lol...I forgot to mention that...before I was hardcoding the "drivers" position in the vehicles, and it was working out fine because all the cars had the same basic dimensions.

Now I'm going through and putting animation bones in the positions of each seat, so the drivers/passengers will be in the correct positions.

Having the driver inside the seat kind of ruined the screens, so I just made them all driverless :-D

- Dan

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Looking great, dgreen (as usual). ;)

Sorry if it was mentioned elsewhere, but is there a planned release date for Gang War yet? (Ah, do you have a *publisher* yet?)

Keep up the awesome work on GW. :)

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I've been seeing a lot about displacement mapping to simulate water, will you be doing anything like this?

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