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Full-Screen Madness!!

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Alright, after a bit of work reworking all my states I've got fullscreen mode working... This will hopefully mean that there is a greater chance of all the images being accelerated because I get all of the GPU... right?

Anyway, right now fullscreen mode is 640x480x32@60Hz, and if I can't meet those requirements it trys to get the nearest compatible DisplayMode. In the log it will also tell you how much free GPU memory there is. I've found out that my mac will always say -1 bytes available, meaning that Java2D will not be accelerated on macs, but that is a platform wide issue...It will be accelerated on Windows.

The next issue will be to store the fullscreen preferences in a general preference file on disk, instead of running off boolean values directly loaded from the objects.
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Hey there, Hops.

I've been keeping up with your blog as of late, and I'll gladly comment that it's very intruiging so far. Java game development isn't a too widely touched realm, and if you're able to pull this off nicely I must just let myself take a journey into that realm as well. ;)

Additionally, I'm a huge FFT fan (*pokes at your placeholders graphics*) and if this game is going to be anything like it you can consider yourself as gained a fanatic follower. :P

Best of luck for your project!

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