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Evil Steve


Warning: This is a drunk post, and may (does) contain naughty words.

I can't fucking stand retarded people who think that just because they have a livejournal and a myspace account that they rule the universe.

A bit of background:
My friend (The one who I've mentioned several times before in this journal)'s (twin) sister's friend decided to have a go at my friend in the most mature and responsible way possible. Yup, a live journal (OMGWTFLOL). All well and good, except that it's complete rubbish. My friend's sister is, for lack of a better word, a cunt. She created a completely fictional myspace account, taking the piss out of my friend. The account has been deleted, so unfortunately I can't show you how retarded it is. Basically, the blurb was saying that my friend "loves to take advantage of people" and will screw anyone to get ahead.
My friend edited her account as a retort, changing it to say things like "Hi! My name is Ashleigh! I like to stab my friends in the back!" Etc etc. You get the idea.
Anyway, my friend requested that the fake account be removed. And, 3 days later it was. Along with her own account. A bit unfair, maybe, but I suppose both accounts were having a go at each other. If I was an independant observer, I'd probably delete both accounts too.

So anyway, coming to the end. This is my friend's sister's friend's LiveJournal. Feel free to post shit in it. I know I will. The first anonymous post isn't mine (You can probably guess who's it is), but the second I'm happy to claim as mine. And the reply (obvoiusly).
Well, I'm really pissed off with this retarded cow of a person, and I'm tired. So I'm going to bed. Bon nuit.
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Oh dear oh dearie me, what a load of shite that livejournal is.

(original post edited out in case I got a warning level)

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