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Mac articles: I want 'em

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Part of my responsibility at GDNet is to try and increase and improve its coverage of cross-platform game development, particularly OS X. Since it's becoming a more important platform for independent game development, I feel it's good to have more balanced coverage of it.

So, here's where I ask: What would you like to see in terms of cross-platform articles/tutorials/etc? Are you willing to contribute some? Do you have any articles/tutorials/etc that you can contribute right now?

I'm going to set out looking for some people in the OS X game dev community to provide articles and the like to the site; perhaps the members here also have some handy tips and tricks that they can shove in. If you haven't submitted an article yet, here's the time to do it.
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I'd like to see an article about Mac development for Windows or Linux developers. I've read bits and pieces but, since I don't have a Mac system to play with, I've never really understood how it all works. Like what tools do you have available, how do you interact with the windowing system, how does OpenGL fit into the picture, what sort of audio APIs are avaiable, etc. Basically I want an article, moving from a general overview to practical implementation details, that explains Mac development from the ground up for someone who is already familiar with either Windows or Linux.

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The whole MacOSX Framework, Dylib thing is what made switching difficult for me at first, and why MacOSX tends to use them instead of static libraries.

Infact, Frameworks are pretty huge, especially with how much they are used in projects.

If you really want something to be written about, I can lend a hand.

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If you really want something to be written about, I can lend a hand.

I still am very unclear about the whole Framework/Dylib thing so if you want to write an article on it I would be grateful.

I know that dealing with dyld on OS X rather than ld on Linux is a huge pain and the manual page isn't that great either.

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