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Gentoo fun*

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I started putting a Gentoo box together yesterday afternoon. I just got a framebuffer console working under generic VESA. My card was supposedly supported (STB Velocity 4400 Riva TNT), but it wouldn't work so I had to disable it. I also had some issues with my fstab permissions (I had /var set to noexec) that prevented compilation. Almost 30 hours later and I'm just now compiling xorg-x11. However, everything is working very cleanly this time around so I'm generally pleased.

I'm finding it difficult to work on getting Gentoo up and focus on game programming at the same time. I had some stuff I wanted to implement but ended up getting nothing done. Tomorrow I'm just gonna leave the Gentoo box for a few days and do some HARDCORE programming. So expect an update!

UPDATE: Got the nvidia framebuffer working. X11 is installed, but it gives a blank screen with a cursor without nvidia and nothing at all with nvidia.
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