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My hard drive got screwed up somehow, and I don't know how. No viruses or serious spyware/adware popped up on my last weekly check this past Sunday. The comp was on for 3 days but that's nothing unusual, although I did have eMule running constantly throughout to download stuff. Maybe the strain on the drive? Doubtful, yea.

I dunno. All I know is that when I finally decided to restart the comp to clean things up the hard drive light wouldn't go out once I got into Windows and started up Trillian - and I couldn't get the Task Manager up to cancel the task. So I finally ran a disk check on my C: drive, which took all night. It listed a lot of fixes, so something was definetly amiss.

Now I'm back up and running.... sorta. I lost a lot of my bookmarks in Firefox, more than half, and I can't run any MS Office apps, I get an error saying I have to reinstall Office. That's all I've discovered so far though. Still, I guess it's time to reformat the computer *sigh*

At least I can recover data, I'm thankful for that since I've slacked on my back ups of late.
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Hate to tell you, but it sounds like the hard drive itself is failing...so a format is just going to do you more harm than good in the long run.

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yes that is indeed my fear as well. However my comp is crippled to the point where I can't do all of the things I need it to do, so a reformat is my only option, despite the fact that it may make the the problem worse in the long run. My data is getting backed up right now so if the drive fails, the drive fails... unfortunately [sad]

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