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Jago, Spinal, Phoenix!

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Contrary to my actual journal entries as of late, I'm actually having some fun designing and coding. I've switched all my current focus on to working on my game engine and editor. I decided to do this because I want to produce a graphical version of C.F.L. and as I was redesigning my base class for all semi intelligent entities for the game, I realized that the text interface and graphical interaction were going to be too different for me to really invest a lot of time in redesigning a text interface that had advanced features. As such, I'll be releasing version of 0.3 of C.F.L. which will be the final text version. Short of text reformating shortcut keys and a battle system that is a third of the way finished, there really isn't that much difference in this version and the last release, I'll update all that information when I post release.

So, I managed to get a prototype up for the launcher for Phoenix, and I've also made progress on the actual engine. Here's an image of the launcher.

It uses a class derived from CDialog to create a custom dialog class that uses a bitmap as a dialog. Thanks to David Forrester for the code. It also allows access to the game engine and the editor as well as a future configuration module. The logo, which is being used as the dialog, was created by Mike Pool from Phyersoft. It's being finalized still, but I'm liking the way it looks so far. More later..
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