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Loose Ends

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Friday night was great fun, but last night was a bit rubbish.

On Friday night, I got my first taste of "Turbo Diesel" - a mixture of (I think) vodka, cider, lager, and blackcurrant juice. A pint of it. Apparently the mixing involved makes it illegal, but they sell us it anyway. Tastes wonderful, has great effects real quickly. Beats that horrendous After Shock stuff any day. On top of the other rubbish I had in my system by that point, the effects were somewhat dodgy.

In other news, I've started learning Java as part of Computer Science. As well as lecture notes, I've got a copy of Java in Two Semesters, by Charatan and Kans, and An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java by C. Thomas Wu (although my copy's got a different cover to that one).

So far, it looks like quite a nice little language, although the link in Mushu's sig may say otherwise [grin]. It's not too challenging, but then again neither was C++ at the HELO WROLD!!11OEN1!1!!one stage, so we'll see how things turn out. Speaking of C++, I haven't touched the beast in ages - I'm kind of hoping that the Java will springboard me forward, somehow. But, again, we'll have to wait and see.

I might even learn enough to hack together a crappy game for the Showcase.

I had a look at the livejournal link Steve put up - dear God, what rubbish, I'm not surprised he's raging.

In other news again, the Dunhill's still running at The Old Course - I took a wander past yesterday, didn't see anybody famous that I recognised, although somebody did see Michael Douglas. If I can get down there again before it all closes, I might see something worth mentioning.

Adios, until next time,

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Ooh yes, a crappy game for the showcase would be excellent. Even better if you actually make a good one. [wink]

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Even better if you actually make a good one.

That'll prove difficult, but I'll give it a go sometime [smile]

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