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This journal should denote the beginning of a period of fruitful productivity as far as my side projects go. I hope that by updating this journal I wont neglect my side projects as I'm used to.

So who am I? Currently I'm a 4th year student of Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Systems) at the University of Amsterdam. I've been on and off developing games and what not since the age of 14 now I'm 22. Due to my slackful nature I hardly finish anything. Let's hope this will change now :o. Apart from the activities every nerd should involve himself in, I have trained a lot of martial arts in the past (7 years of mainly traditional ju jitsu with a lot of cross training), also I have participated in running events at the recreational level for about two years (10 km. in 40 min./ 5km in 17:55). Due to injuries sustained, I have given up on the goal of reaching a higher level in athletics as far as running faster goes. A long term goal would be to run a half-marathon, but since I'm very susceptible to injuries (weak knee joint) I'm quite hesitant to up my training load as far as weekly mileage goes, so running that distance is indeed a long term goal. Lately I have been getting the urge to pick up the art of BJJ again after a break of two years. I have to say I have succombed to this urge since I'm training now under Marcos Flexa in Amsterdam. It's great!

So what can you expect here? I'll be posting updates on my projects as well as random thoughts that I think would interest someone. Now I'll have to get cracking so I have something to post..
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Thanks! Wow, I didn't expect anyone would read my journal, let alone this quickly..

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