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Freezer 2 update:
  • Cinema engine works, and supports about 10 commands.

  • Scripts can now change the map (opening doors, etc)

  • NPCs can have multiple lines of dialogue

  • "Trigger entities" can execute scripts when the need arises -- when the player touches the entity, etc

  • Land mine gun is available. Splash damage not implemented, it just kills the NPC that touches it. May fix this later.

  • Saurabh is supposed to be doing the sprites which may help the game look less like ass.

Life update, which you don't care about:
  • The little screw fell out of my glasses this morning while I was driving, along with the right lens. I managed to get to the mall and have it fixed before I turned the expressway into Burnout-style myopic mayhem.

  • I wasted about half a day on debugging my assembly assignment before realizing I had to trap on ASCII 13, not 31.

  • I really hate technical writing classes, especially when they have nothing to do with technical writing. I'm looking at you, presentation.

  • Evil Steve is a punk, and thinks that he should get a RAZR phone to play with J2ME rather than an SE P900 to play with Symbian API. Tell him how much J2ME sucks ass in the comments.

More on this after my assignments this week are completed.
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Damn I was almost finished with Embedded Reporter!!! Now I must throw it away!!! Seriously I had this game idea a few years ago. Scarry!

J2ME sucks. [wink]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Dude, the SE P900 is Symbian, not PocketPC.

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You're right. I was thinking of a different smartphone. That said, Symbian is still a great choice.

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