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Magma Duel going primetime!

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Judging by the feedback I got upon releasing Magma Duel, I've decided that there's a whole lot of work that can be done on it before I can truly call it a 'completed' project. Thus, I have concluded to pick up my copy of Delphi once more and dub Magma Duel my primary project. ;)

Plans for improvement include:

-> Online play! This will be both the most enticing and difficult part to code
-> Score reports between rounds, including how many kills each player got, and what killed them (if they died)
-> Score report after a game (set # of rounds), including how many kills/deaths each player acquired, how many rounds they won, and their most commonly used powerup during the game. Also awards will be distributed (most kills/deaths, most falls into magma, etc)
-> An AI player for offline play (will also be quite difficult) (may abandon this one :P)
-> Joypad support (yes, bust out those Madcatz controllers! :D)
-> Onscreen indicator of current powerup

The work on online play has begun, and I've already implemented the game to allow multiple characters in a game. They can't be controlled right now, so they are essentially dummies that you can knock around without fear of retaliation. Sort of weird, but sort of amusing:

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Just downloaded your game, and I thinks its pretty damn cool. Can't wait for the online version!

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