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Macroing and me

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Like I was saying in a recent journal entry, we prepared some surprise for the macroers. We developed a way to catch some of the illegal clients that were using various automatization tools, which were not sanctioned by the developers.

Friday we made a post asking those who are using an illegal client to admit it, in exchange for a much smaller penalty, of only 30% or 20% of their experience. Those who didn't admit, will get a 100% penalty.
That post is here. Fortunately for them, many admited.
Today, their ultimatum expired.
Now, most of the MMORPGs in the world would ban you for using illegal clients. We made an exception, and decide to give them a much smaller penalty. One would assume that they would appreciate it.
Well, not in the real world. Many players who were caught using an illegal client are actually bitching, and/or claiming they didn't do, or that they didn't see that post, and so on. Even though that post was advertised in the game for many times during the past few says, so everyone can know about it and admit their guilt, in case they did something illegal.
Yet another reason why the MMORPGs are so cool...
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It would be great if a major company did that. Could you imagine Blizzard telling botters to do that? Oh god that'd be awsome.

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Yeah, but they have much more players, so it's harder for them to keep track of who admited what, etc. Plus, big companies are usually more strict when it comes to enforcing the rules.

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Actually, it'd be interesting if they could translate (accurately... which would have to be verified) all the strings/Encyclopedia/other translatable .xml files as an alternative, ie. one _entire_ translation each. I'd say it couldn't take them much less time...

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Eu folosesc Gentoo Linux unde jocul este compilat si unele lucruri sunt modificate. Sper ca nu intra in categoria clientilor ilegali.


Acesta este intrarea in bugzilla din gentoo privind ultima versiuneaa jocului.

Multumesc si felicitari pentru joc.

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