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Testing... 1, 2, 3...

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Some initial testing has begun with the engine that we've chosen to make sure it's going to give us what we want. We're pretty sure we've chosen the right development kit for this project. I'll have a post mortem out about one month after product release. It will review not only the development process, but also the release plan and marketing schemes.
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Hey Doug, me again. I think I'm really drawn to your journal because producing is the area of game development to which I am most drawn, even though I can sling C++ with the best of them (or, at least, just below) and am not completely artistically incompetent. So, keep the torch burning for us producers and future producers.

(My journal isn't getting much love right now because I'm busy with work and my upcoming magazine.)

One thing I think the community as a whole could really benefit from is a description of what your job as producer on an indie team/company entails, what tasks you perform, what challenges you face, what tools you use, etc. Also, why having a producer is a massive boon to any team, and the appropriate level of authority and input that a producer should have.

I've added your journal to my bookmarks, so expect frequent contributions from me.


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Oluseyi ,
Thanks for your comments! I am in the same boat you are. I’m currently a software developer in my “real” job. I have been one for the past ten years. But I’m more drawn to the business and production side of things so I decided to get my MBA, which I’m currently working on (full time, while working fulltime, and trying to do the game). I’ve been thinking about writing an essay on what a producer is and why they are important to a project, even in the world of a small independent development team. You’ve convinced me to go ahead and do that. Once the essay is complete, I’ll post it in my journal and submit it to the staff for review. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing! Good luck with the Magazine and drop me a private message when it’s complete.

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