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Well that's it, I'm quitting my job and going to attempt to become self-sufficient selling games on the internet. Why not, with all this indie hype (like Greg Costikyan's highly publicized move to indie), it just seems like the thing to do :)

I already got a company name: Fuzzy Games. It's a nice friendly name, and "fuzzy" is a term used in AI programming, which is something I'm planning on putting a lot of emphasis on.

My first game will be a twist on Tetris. Yeah I know, everybody does a twist on Tetris. But I think my twist will be kinda interesting (don't want to get into the specifics yet). And anyway, it's the first game so I want to kick off with something small & manageable.

My deadline to have this first game released is January 1st. It's kind of like a backwards new year's resolution :D
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Are you sure you want to quit your day job though? I'd stay at it until I write a decent re-usable base tech in my spare time, and then quit my job and build a wad of games based on it.

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Yeah, I've been trying to do it that way for a while, but it just hasn't been working out. My job is writing cell phone games, so I just don't have the mental energy to come home from a busy day of writing games to.. write more games. Maybe it would work better if my day job was something completely different :)

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As long as you know what you're getting into..seriously, then mucho good luck to ya....

....let the stress levels begin! [wink]

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