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Back to work

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Trapper Zoid


My week of R&R is over, as is the long weekend, so it's back to work. Since I was eithe too busy or too tired to get too much game work done last week, I'll try to get more done this week after hours.

Organisational ability isn't a strong point in my personality, but it's something I'll have to learn in order to seriously get some work done. I tend to just rely on plans in my head, or my instinct, but that isn't the best way to go about doing things. I should have the time to get these game projects finished; I don't watch T.V. except for DVDs (as the hit-to-miss ratio of free-to-air is terrible), and I'm getting sick of the gameplay of most games. Factoring that in gives me a few hours to write games in every day, at least. I just have to be better at planning what I do.

I've been thinking a bit about "Project Hamlet" over the week, and I'm not sure whether my first idea of basing it on Japanese console RPG stories will work. Due to the nature of the game I think it will work best around a single town, but Japanese RPGs seem to depend on a group of heroes travelling around the world, with villains with huge bases of their own.

Therefore I've decided to go with the second theme on my list; general fables, folklore, myths and legends of various cultures. Under this theme, the game setting will be more like Harvest Moon combined with Quest for Glory; a village in its own enclosed valley beset with classic monsters and villains from stories and folklore from around the world (or possibly just Europe to maintain the theme). I think this will work a lot better.

As for the simple game, I've decided to make it a space shmup. I won't go overboard on making a unique design on this one, as it's really just a demo; I'll simply try to throw it together as an attempt to learn the technology. So far I'm not sure which packages to go with, given that I'd like to allow the possibility of going cross-platform in the future. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

  • Graphics: I haven't decided between SDL, GLUT or just OpenGL. Given the way I usually write wrappers around everything (so I can use my own function names) it will be no big task to switch, but I'm not sure which is best at this stage.
  • Audio: OpenAL is the only one I know of, so I'll probably use that.
  • Input: I don't know of a cross-platform library for input. I'll have to look in to this.

Edit: I've read a bit more about SDL, and it seems to cover everything I might need for now (I probably would have realised this if I had previously known what SDL stood for). I'll look into using SDL completely for my first game.

That's all for now. As usual, any comments and advice will be welcomed.
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