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I'm back

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I'm back from the USA now, and as a bonus I now have some awful university network to view GDNet through. Keeps flicking from full 10mbit back to dialup [oh]

Anyway, I'm pretty busy sorting things out with uni and my new flat (which I left for a week and is already a mess [headshake]) so I'm not gonna make this a long post.

Since being with the DX team over in Seattle I'm hoping to have a go with some DX10 stuff, so I doubt I can say anything detailed. Also hopefully get that UVAtlas thing in a state where you guys can look at it if you want [smile]

Anybody interested in a more detailed account of my Seattle trip?? Might be worth checking superpig's journal - he may well cover it...
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Yeah, details please. I've got Dustin's side of the story. Says you Brits wanted to go drinking every night [lol]

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Okay [smile] - Will write something tomorrow lunchtime. Need some sleep now!

you Brits wanted to go drinking every night [lol]

Yeah, there was that aspect to things. Part of my "write up" will involve references to the free (and not so free) bar... [embarrass]


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