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Testing Code Signing Auths

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So Bill got us a temporary code signing key, however it's pretty clunky to use apparently. I haven't had a chance to talk with him yet this morning about it. It does at least run off the web now so the concept has been proven. Not sure what issues maybe outstanding with it. Still looking for cheap code signing certs! Cacert.org will give you one for free, but the browsers don't consider them a legitimate authority. :-( Thawte wants like $400 for their code signing certs, sheesh!

I have lunch with my old boss Tim Choate. (He's the guy I gave Renderosity to many years ago and turned it into the insanely popular 3D site it is now!) We'll talk over some business ideas and knosh down some lusciuos Indian food! Hmmm.. I wonder if he has a code cert I can use... ;-)

I spent some time reworking the room templates to be isometric instead of the funky straight on perspective we used to have. I spent a lot of time over the weekend working on the statement of work for our new artist. I polished this up some more last night. I'm (probably needlessly) worried that there might be some miscommunication on the artwork causing headaches for everyone. I don't think our artist has ever done any isometric work before, but hey, artists should know all about perspectives, right?

Also, I cleaned up a few bugs, mostly display issues, after you die.

So everyone clamoring for screenshots again... Here's the same ones from our help wanted posting. Sorry we don't have more/better!

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