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Ups and Downs...

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Well Iam working on my event system today again. Its the last thing Iam having a problem with at the current time and it just dosent seem feasible to do the things I want to do.
Who would have thought hiding the SDL API complety from game code would be this much of a pain.

I have the system right now.. my engine has a video/drawing class, it has a audio class (these work fine the way i want to use them.) Then I have my system class which is going to handle all loading/saving and events and for now thats it but it is open to more.. But that dosent work with what I want to do which is have my player class access the system class event system. but instead my system class event system has to handle all the actions of the game like if w is pressed then do the game class action of move north or drop block(depending on game)

I just had a semi idea .. each part of the game gets its own system event and it jumps into that when the gmae is at that point likeyou have your map.system.event then if esc is pressed it goes to menu.system.event which is really just another message loop of its own... and it handles the event each way in its own way.. of course it seems like it would take quite a bit of wrapper work to hide SDL but this sounds like a pretty good idea...

Man I love these journals just writing that out gave me a idea i feel is good.. Iam going to work on that after work..

What do you all think.. am I just shooting off in the wrong direction? either way Ill find out I guess........ until next time
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